Monday, 7 April 2014

The Joy of experiencing that Old Habits die hard...

It's been a while..
Since I wrote my previous post, old rusty habits, which I thought were squeaky clean and dealt with, returned to the surface again. Newly created habits suffered from this, like running and blogging for example. I was not conscious of this fact immediately. It just sort of happened.

But what happened and why? Ah, the Joy of asking myself questions and writing them down has returned :)

What happened?
The last couple of weeks I've been throwing myself at work, I had deadlines to meet and an ego who wanted to proof to herself she's working full hours again and doing this in an amazing way as well. Say hello to my good old friend and rusty habit: workaholic perfectionista. But instead of being complemented about my hard work, I wasn't. And instead of feeling good about myself and my hard work, I didn't. So I started to feel a nagging feeling which I felt before but could not place yet. Then about a week ago it dawned on me: some of my old habits had returned and they had kicked out my newly created ones. And the nagging feeling I felt? It was stress, surfacing again trying to warn me. I didn't do the things I loved to do anymore.

Changing our habits is not an easy task. If it was, we all would be perfect by now and wouldn't that be boring? Just being conscious of the fact that this is happening to me and the fact I am able to choose to trade the bad old habits for the new ones I befriended last year, is a good enough answer to the why question for me. To truly and consciously undergo a learning experience is a joy and one of the things I am grateful for in this life.

So thank you life for this lesson, let's go do the things we love again!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Rediscovering Amsterdam

Going on adventure...
It's fun, it's energizing and it saves money as well. Going on adventure in the place where we live, broadens our minds too. So go out there, take out your camera and start exploring your own town!

In Amsterdam.
Last Wednesday felt like it was springtime in Amsterdam. Accompanied by a clear blue sky it was a perfect day to go on adventure in the city I was born and raised in. I met up with a friend of mine and we decided that we would just start to walk and let the day be what it was and see what gems we would discover.

Feels like going on a treasure hunt.
We started walking until we found a typical Amsterdam sighting. The picture below is taken from the alley Sint Olofspoort, with a view on The Warmoesstraat.

We kept on walking and in the Oude Brugsteeg where we saw this red, black, white crossed civic crest of Amsterdam  on the former city ​​excise house which was built in 1635. It is now the cafe/lunchroom Heffer where you can enjoy a beer, or two, with bitterballen.

Walking towards the Beurs van Berlage we stumbled on a little inspiring gem of a pop up store. The aim of Dutch Design Year is to create a store/gallery in which they display and sell products made by young and upcoming designers.

As the sky turned grey we wandered along the canals. We met Multatuli, one of Holland's famous writers. We found the perfect place for a-something-different-and-odd-gift-which-the-bloggess-would-probably-love treasure hunt which is called the Otherist. We saw the Wester tower and a beautiful office building which was once The Dutch Life insurance company.

And then, it was time for lunch! We ordered ourselves an uitsmijter at Broodje Mokum which is an old fashioned lunchroom where locals, builders and tourists have their lunch.

Unfortunately it had started raining when we were finished. Luckily for us, just around the corner, there was an exhibition called Beauty as the imprint of the cosmos in one of the best kept secrets of Amsterdam: The Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. This exhibition lasts until May 23rd. But they have interesting exhibitions during the whole year.

We celebrated the findings of our treasures and the end of this adventure in the sunny garden of the Sound Garden with a good old fashioned glass of beer, a Vaasje.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Joy of Valentine - A Playlist

A celebration of love.
I love Valentine's day. Not because of the cards, the flowers and the gifts. I even think it's way too commercial. I am a sucker for romantic valentine movies though... And, I do believe it's very important to show our loved ones we care for them as much as we can. Valentine's day allows us to remember and focus on this thought. This year I will give my man a self made card, cook for him and I dedicate this Valentine's playlist to him.

Search of Joy Valentine Playlist.
Putting together a playlist is a lot of work. I've been working on this one for more than three weeks... I wanted to create a list with my favorite Valentine songs which also shows the order in which romantic love evolves.

Love is a funny thing, and in the beginning you wonder if it's just a crush or true love that you're feeling. When you realize you're a fool for your love you have to gamble everything for it. You declare your love and if you're lucky, you both end up in an elevator ;) Happy times fly by and if you still love each other tomorrow is only something time can tell...

Broken hearts on Valentine.
The downside of Valentine's day is that a lot of hearts are broken too. For those blue hearted ones, I've selected a few songs. I know what it feels like, I have been on both sides. All I know is, it will get better.
Tom Waits – Blue Valentines
Wanda Jackson – Stupid Cupid
Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now