Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hello Joy in Normandy, France

Nina Joy were you on a Holiday or something?
Yes, I was. I am sorry i didn't write to you sooner but I was in a place far away.
Well it wasn't that far away actually. But it was in a place in the middle of nowhere in Normandy and there was no internet access.

Aha, Okay. No internet access sounds boring to me. Did you have any fun?
Yes, I had a great time! We visited William The Conqueror's castle, D-Day memorial sites and Mont St. Michel.

Oh wow, Mont St. Michel is still on my bucket list. How was it?
Impressing, beautiful, you would have to see it for yourself really. I truly recommend it. Just be sure to visit the place in low or mid season when there are not that many tourists tripping over your feet ;)

Yes, lots, but I will show you them later this week okay? I have some unpacking to do...

Sure, no probz! Wait, before you leave I have one last question. Did you find JOY?
Yes, I found many joys :) And coincidentally enough I saw and bought joy in a materialized form the first day I was there. I felt like it was a conformation that Joy found Joy ;) Now that I think about it, it might just be a sign that my next holiday destination should be Hollywood...

Lol, talk to you later girl, enjoy your unpacking...
Thanks! Enjoy your day and write to you later...

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Orange Fever

Yesterday evening an orange fever broke loose in my household. It didn't reach me. I honestly tried but watching 22 men running around a ball simply does not joy me... And if your a soccer fan yourself, you seriously do not want me to be around. I talk too much or read a book and do not yell along with you. I do want you soccer fans to enjoy yourselves though! This is why I isolated myself with a cup of Bambu, an espresso brownie and an episode of the TV series Hinterland.

This morning I could not escape the fever though. While I am writing this post, my boyfriend is still wandering around the house like a mad man decorating our house and garden with orange ornaments and flags. Even on Kings Day we do not get this Orange crazy. Note and warning to my foreign readers: Kings Day, previously known as Queens Day, is celebrated on the 27th of April as off this year. We had quite a couple of tourists dressed in orange on the 30th of April this year looking lost ;)

Left: Kingsday this year and on the Right: Lost Orange Tourists RIP Queensday source

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Blue - A Playlist

Feel like listening to blue songs
Another grey sky today. I can't help feeling blue. I feel like, a bluish grey. Lost in choices of what to do. Shall I go out and explore? Or, shall i stay at home and explore and express these inner blue feelings a bit more?

First thing I want to do is to drift away in and accept these feelings. Live through them, accepting them. For if I don't, I will drown in a blue sea at some point. I can not help feeling joy too as well. Especially now I have some good blue music to match this mood.

Blue around the world
Blauw, Blue, Blou, Bleu, Blu & Azul. One of the primary colors. A universal feeling and color. Feeling blue, wearing blue jeans, blue eyed newborn babies. I wanted to make this a playlist filled with music from all around the world. I'm happy with the result. It contains some of my favorite songs and hopefully yours too... Let me know what your favorite blue song is!

Blue - A Playlist

Seastars: An Ocean Campaign
The first song on this playlist, is used for a campaign to protect the ocean by the Dutch organization the Wereld Natuur Fonds. Just like the song, the short animated movie is beautiful, and that's why I have to share it.